April 12, 2024

County Commissioners

Each county has a board of 3-5 Commissioners who are elected to a 4 year term.  They are responsible for the oversight of every service that each county office provides.  In general, County Commissioners are responsible for the spending of  the taxpayers dollars; the approval of county office budgets; and as a board of equalization, to equalize the assessment roll of the county in the manner provided by law; to superintend the fiscal concerns of the county and secure their management in the best possible manner; to regulate the transaction of business in alcoholic beverages; to make ordinances; and zoning, solid waste and water management along with a host of other issues that arise affecting the county.


District 1 – Sara McGregor-Okroi

District 2 – Janet Marx

District 3 – Daniel Kjos

District 4 – Jim Walter

District 5 – Derek Sinner, Chairman