October 17, 2017

Clerk of Courts

The basic functions of the clerk’s office are:

  • Assist customers with requests for information on court procedures, fees, and court dates
  • Process traffic tickets and other criminal complaints, receipt and disburse fines, fees, costs, bond and restitution
  • Maintain judges’ court calendar
  • Summon and qualify jurors, assist judge in juror selection process, and authorize payment of jurors
  • Perform magistrate functions such as setting bond, handling initial appearances, issuing warrants, entering default judgments in small claims cases, and performing civil marriage ceremonies and remit passport applications

HOURS:   8-12 & 1-5 PM     Monday – Friday

Claudette Opitz, Clerk
Jessica Sattler, Deputy

711 W 1st St, #201
Webster SD 57274-1362

P (605) 345-3771
F  (605) 345-3818


SD JUDICIAL SYSTEM:  http://ujs.sd.gov/

DAY COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT:  http://ujs.sd.gov/County_Information/Day.aspx

SD JUROR INFORMATION:  http://ujs.sd.gov/Information/jurors.aspx

PASSPORT INFORMATION: www.travel.state.gov



Please wait approximately 5-10 days after you receive a ticket to make your payment

  • Website: https://ujsportal.sd.gov/Portal/
  • Click the Green Box – Make Payments
  • Select Search Type: click the dropdown box on the right side of the screen
  • Case Number: This will be a number given to you by the clerk OR

Citation Number:  This is found on your ticket.

Highway Patrol:  lower right, Starts with the letter “B” and ends with HP.  [ie B124466HP]

County Sheriff or City Police:  upper right, Starts with the letter “K”  [ie K509596]

Game, Fish & Parks:  upper right, Starts with the letters “GF”  [ie GF098202]

Hit tab and enter either the case number or citation number

  • Search by Last Name: enter your last name
  • Search by First Name: enter your first name
  • Search by Middle Name: LEAVE THIS FIELD BLANK
  • Your ticket information should now appear on the screen; click the box on the left to proceed with your credit card information.


  • When entering a highway patrol citation number. Include the HP, do NOT include the – “dash”.
  • You may also mail your payment (check or money order/ do not mail cash) to the Clerk of Courts in the county you received your ticket. http://ujs.sd.gov/Contact/clerkcourts.aspx
  • Site is accessible through the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. This can be accessed from an iPad, smartphone or any other mobile device as long as it is using one of the browsers listed above.