May 21, 2024

Welfare Office

HOURS: 8:00am – 5:00pm Monday-Friday

Sarah Bremmon, Welfare Director

711 W. 1st Street, Suite 204
Webster, SD  57274
(605) 345-9500
Fax (605) 345-9515
[email protected]


Section 1:  Statement of Purpose

The county board of commissioners recognizes its legal responsibility to provide assistance to the indigent persons of the county under SDCL 28-13.

Further, as specified in state law SDCL 10-12 and SDCL 7-8-20.7, the county realizes the fiscal limitations of its tax base and any other resource available for the provision of assistance to the indigent.

The county resolves to administer its Poor Relief Program equitably and efficiently and to provide the necessary resources to those most in need.  Accordingly, the county promulgates these written guidelines to insure a fair and equitable method for distribution of relief to the indigent.

To assure the efficient and equitable allocation of the county’s poor relief resources, limited by a determined property tax base, program requirements/limitations are necessary with respect to the total amount of poor relief available and the amount available in each category of relief.  The requirements may be waived for good cause shown.  Such requirements are presented on a countywide basis, in addition to those already imposed by state statute.  In the event of any conflict, state and/or federal statute shall supersede.

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Economic Assistance Application