June 23, 2021

Clerk of Courts

711 W 1st St #201                                              605-345-3771                             

Webster, SD 57274                                           fax (605-345-3818)

OFFICE HOURS:   8-12 & 1-5 PM     Monday – Friday

Claudette Opitz, Clerk                                        Jessica Sattler, Deputy


  • Masks are required
  • Your temperature may be taken; please inform the staff if you are not feeling well
  • You may enter the building fifteen minutes prior to your hearing; please exit promptly following the hearing
    • If you have an attorney, please stay in contact with them to determine whether you must attend
    • Court fines can be paid:
      • by mail (see address below)
      • online (see instructions below)
      • by using the Courthouse Drop Box at the west entrance of the building
      • or in person


  • We are currently reviewing the jury trials scheduled for 2021
  • The Clerk’s Office will mail out a notice three weeks prior to any scheduled trial

CIVIL WEDDINGS: Call the clerk’s office before you come

  • At our discretion we may perform this ceremony on the courthouse steps; a limited number of guests may be allowed
      • You must pay the $20.00 fee
      • You should bring two adult witnesses
      • You must provide a valid marriage license
        • Contact the Day County Register of Deeds 345-9506

PASSPORTS: www.travel.state.gov

  • 1-877-487-2778
      • To Renewal Your Passport: FORM DS-82
      • New: FORM DS -11
      • Estimated processing time could be 6-12 weeks (or more)
        • A photo copy of your valid driver’s license (front & back)
        • Two checks
        • Your completed DS-11 application, use black ink
      • CERTIFIED COPY OF YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE (not a live birth or hospital birth)
      • Each applicant must appear in person
      • Minors must appear with both parents



Please wait approximately 5-10 days after you receive a ticket to make your payment

  • Click here for the WEBSITE
  • Click the Green Box – Make Payments
  • Select Search Type: click the dropdown box on the right side of the screen
  • Case Number: This will be a number given to you by the clerk OR
  • Citation Number:  This is found on your ticket.
  • Highway Patrol:  lower right, starts with the letter “B” and ends with HP.  [ie B124466HP]
  • County Sheriff or City Police:  upper right, Starts with the letter “K”  [ie K509596]
  • Game, Fish & Parks:  upper right, Starts with the letters “GF”  [ie GF098202]

Hit tab and enter either the case number or citation number

  • Search by Last Name: enter your last name
  • Search by First Name: enter your first name
  • Search by Middle Name: LEAVE THIS FIELD BLANK
  • Your ticket information should now appear on the screen; click the box on the left to proceed with your credit card information.


  • When entering a highway patrol citation number. Include the HP, do NOT include the – “dash”.
  • The site is best accessed through the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari. This can be accessed from an iPad, smartphone or any other mobile device if it is using one of the browsers listed above.

You may also mail your payment (check or money order/ do not mail cash) to the Clerk of Courts in the county you received your ticket.  CLERK OF COURT ADDRESSES