December 3, 2023

Emergency Management

Region 8 FEMA has extended the public comment period on the new flood maps.

Prelim maps were issued for Day County on June 11, 2021, New appeals period for Day County is currently scheduled for 6/06/2022-12/05/2022.

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FEMA Flood Map 90 day review

Now that the CCO meeting has been held, the next step is that we will initiate a statutory 90-day appeal period for communities within Day County.  Prior to the appeal period it’s worth noting that your community’s comments on the Preliminary FIRM panels and FIS report are an important part of our review process, and we will consider them carefully before we publish the FIRM and FIS report in their final form.  If you have any questions regarding the Preliminary copies of the FIRM and FIS report, please contact the CCO designated for your community by telephone at (303) 235‑4830. If you have general questions about mapping issues, please call our FEMA Map Information eXchange (FMIX), toll free, at (877) 336-2627 (877-FEMA MAP) or e-mail our FMIX staff at [email protected]. Preliminary products can also be accessed at https//, and preliminary data can be viewed on the web mapping platform at

A statutory 90-day appeal period is required when FEMA adds or modifies Base (1-percent-annual-chance) Flood Elevations, base flood depths, SFHAs, flood zone designations, or regulatory floodways within a community, as shown on the Preliminary FIRM.  If your community is identified as requiring an appeal period, we will send you a letter approximately 2 weeks before the start of the 90-day appeal period to detail the appeal process.  The letter will forward information regarding notifications to be published in the Federal Register and local newspaper(s) and will provide the first and second publication dates.  The appeal period will start on the second publication date.  We currently estimate the appeal start to occur in November 2021.


After the 90-day review and appeal periods have ended and we have addressed all comments/appeals, we will initiate final preparation of the FIRM and FIS report.  The new FIRM and FIS report for your community will become effective approximately 7 to 10 months later.  Before the effective date, you will be notified in writing of the official FIRM and FIS report effective date and asked to adopt floodplain ordinances or modify existing ordinances as necessary that correspond with the new FIRM or FIS report.  If you or other community officials have any questions regarding floodplain ordinances, you may raise them with our FEMA Regional Office or you may discuss those issues with your State NFIP Coordinator.  Several months before the effective date, we will mail one set of printed copies of the finalized FIRM and FIS report and digital copies of the map and report products.

Day County Burn Ban Ordinance #03-01

In an effort to control wild land fires within the county, The Day County Board of Commissioners have enacted Ordinance #03-01 for all of Day County.

This declaration means that all open burning is prohibited without a permit. Permits are available at the Day County Sheriff’s Office in Webster, in person or over the phone.

The permits are free of charge. This permit system will allow the county to better control when and where fires are started across the county.

Cities and towns within the county may have their own ordinances on burning or regulations. Please contact them for more information.

It is permissible without a permit to use burning barrels or similar containers if precautions are taken to prevent escape of sparks, flames or hot ashes. Example: Small camp fire device.

Parks and Recreations division and the Game Fish and Parks control their properties within the county. Please contact them for further information on their properties.

Bryan Anderson

Day County Emergency Manager Director

Ordinance #03-01


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